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Beyond the Manifesto of Npp - By Benjamin Ntim Gyakari

9, 4, 2024



It takes hardwork and commitment to perform beyond the threshold promised mark. NPP has made this history of being the first African country to give free Smart Tablets to all students of Government Secondary and TVET Schools. 

The SM1 project is intended to enhance teaching and learning everywhere in Ghana.

Technology in Education is key in the 4th industrial revolution and Ghana is proud to compete within 21st century global learning opportunity.

Countries that have set benchmarks in using Technology in Education via the use of Tablets include South Korea and Finland

 My political game in this article is simple - 

"that as I stretch my hand to look for any reading material I find none, and as I search for transport fare to visit the library I find none, my strength to carry heavy text books such as the Abbot etc, and putting of my legs in water to preserve energy and avoid sleeping has been curtailed. Oh God of contemporary discovery, students are grateful...

"Dream with us", sayest a student, the future is here! And it is not a pilot project !! This is the joy expressed in poetry during the launch of SM1 Project where every Secondary and TVET student would receive a Tablet. 

 Okukuseku Promise never bear fruits 

//"We are going to pilot the use of electronic -text books at the junior high school and secondary level and so students will receive tablets that have all their core textbooks on the tablet and if this pilot is successful we are going to expand it to all schools in the system."// by John Mahama on 13 September 2016.

It is unfortunate today the same person is saying "this is a gift to entice students to vote for the current government" . Hmmm - ofcourse strategic politicians do things at their right time.

 Everywhere he went he was doing good 

Bawumia and his team are always behind every innovation in Ghana. Nana Addo's mate in presidency will certainly drive Ghana to a prosperous future. 

The NPP government has prioritized education among others to the extent that new things in the sector are getting excited.

 Lamentation by a Teacher 

"I am afraid because, if care is taken, we can longer go on unnecessary strick to put pressure on Government as Teachers, because students will be exposed to live teaching on their SM1 sets from renowned experience and good teachers online in addition to assess to every textbook, past questions and suggested solutions!!!!

 The chronicle 

Be advised technology can not replace teachers but rather enhance teaching and learning to its ultimate goal. Though the focus is not the device, the right to personal computer to aid  learning will create the IT Learning environment which boost moral of the student, opportunity to share with colleagues on real time that I call the SMART student.

The Smart Schools and Classrooms to complement this initiative is ongoing. It will create that environmental friendly setting and sustainable energy usage as enshrined in SDG in  education. Check out the building designs.

 Bawumia is a promise keeper 

I told you Bawumia is a promise fulfiller and people including me don't care as to whether he quotes the Bible verse correctly or not, what I understand is the content of his message is in the scripture. 

✓He has donated 100 HP laptops to KNUST to fulfill his promise of supporting the University Vice Chancellor's Support One Needy Student with One Laptop (SONSOL) Project. 

✓He has promised also to train one million youth in coding and software applications.

We expect more so Dr Bawumia give them to us your Digitization Initiatives.


Dome Kwabenya Constituency


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