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19, 3, 2024



 By Benjamin Ntim Gyakari

I always remember the quote of Late President Nelson Mandela each time education matters come up. *"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world"* Ghana's Educational Reforms is propelling the country to higher heights. Drawing from global best practices the rich experience of Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum - the Honorable Minister of Education is transforming Ghana's education system in terms of holistic infrastructure improvement, teaching aids and methodologies.

Today, the arms of the Education Ministry are well coordinated and functioning as an effective and value chain, networked to prepare our people for the future. Other African Countries are now calling on Ghana to find out how we made it.

*Making a case for TVET and STEM* 

Once upon a time, Ghana used to have a strong structured technical education system which used to be the bedrock of our industrial labour force implemented by Dr Kwame Nkrumah - the first President of Ghana. I can recall ATTC, KTI, Obuasi Sectech, Suhum, GSTS etc.

The divestiture program of the (P)NDC some years past wiped out the industrial base of our country and for all these long years the technical and vocational education has suffered. 

We must collectively push forward our economy from the state of import dependency, thus the NPP government is developing the human capacity for contemporary industry takeoff which is technology and artificial intelligence driven and more data base.

*TVET and STEM key to socioeconomic  and industrial development of a Nation* 

The Technical & Vocational Institutions in the country has witnessed total rebranding, super-structure and infrastructural improvement that will create professional skills to fill the skills gaps in the job market, provide a wide range of career opportunities and facilitate lifelong learning and career development.

Ghana beyond aid require the right skilled manpower to fill the job market space. The transformational agenda to rebrand TVET has created jobs for the unemployed youth.

 *The launching of Ghana Apprenticeship Programme to bring back learners for Technical/Vocational Training was very important.* 

The NPP government believe the TVET and STEM play a vital role in socioeconomic development of country and for this reason Nana Addo /Bawumia tenure is proud to add Free TVET and Free STEM to its list of achievements.

The TVET of today has standardized the technical and vocational work ethics and reposition trained learners in diverse disciplines that add value to make them competitive in the market.

*"The TVET program goes beyond the old culture of maintenance and repairs training to creation and development. Students are linked to industries and companies two days weekly to have quality practical time of their trade or profession. Learners no longer do memorization of classroom theories and book TVET" (Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum).* 

*STEM Education* 

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM is therefore a multi skills development learning and applied (hands-on) approach to education which teaches critical thinking and creativity & innovation with multiplicity of problem solving tasks and activities.

STEM takes a modular approach where under each program, students are exposed to different types of coding/robotics available.

The MOE has operationalized seven STEM Schools and Centres across the country as at the end of year 2023 including:

*•Awaso STEM Academy* 

*•Abomosu STEM SHS* 

*•Bosomtwe STEM SHS* 

*•Bosomtwe Girls Only STEM* 

*•Afia Kobi STEM School* 

*•Accra High School STEM Centre* 

*•KOASE Sectech* 

We should tell the story as it is because the power is in the hands of the people who are the decision makers. Of course one of the critical success factors of NPP government is Education for all.

 Consolidating the gains

To the politician anything  executed in terms of project is classified as gain, but realistically - gains are measured in terms of how many people have benefited from such projects and should be used as evaluation criteria.

What has been initiated and implemented in terms of plans, policies, projects, products, programs and processes, aside the quantum of people it serves only manifest per the value people place on them.

The people element in the achievement exercise of the Educational Transformation Equation can't be overlooked.

The enrollment over the past two years of STEM's introduction has attracted huge numbers and when you look at that of TVET it is astronomical.


Dome Kwabenya Constituency


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