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To all Media Houses : NPP Juaboso Communication Team Extends Profound Gratitude to Government for new Cocoa Price

6, 4, 2024



The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication team in the Juaboso Constituency expresses its deepest appreciation to the Government of Ghana for its unwavering commitment and substantial investments in the cocoa sector. Under the visionary leadership of President Akuffo Addo and Dr. Bawumia, the cocoa industry has witnessed some remarkable growth (taking into account the number of farmlands under the cocoa rehabilitation program) and prosperity, contributing significantly to the economic advancement of our nation.

Since assuming office in 2017, the NPP government has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to the cocoa sector, implementing various initiatives that have had a tangible impact on cocoa farmers across the country. One of the most recent and notable achievements is the substantial increase in the producer price of cocoa at the farm gate, now standing at an impressive 2,070 Ghana cedis. This significant boost in price underscores the government's recognition of the invaluable contribution of cocoa farmers and its commitment to ensuring their well-being and prosperity.

The journey from the initial cocoa price of 475 Ghana cedis in 2017 to the current 2,070 Ghana Cedis (representing about 436% increment from the price NDC paid to farmers in 2016/2017 crop season) is a testament to the government's proactive approach and strategic vision in revitalizing the cocoa sector. This substantial increase not only empowers cocoa farmers but also serves as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development within our communities.

In addition to the increased producer price, the government has implemented a range of initiatives in the past and present aimed at enhancing productivity, improving quality, and fostering innovation within the cocoa industry. These initiatives include but are not limited to:

1. Provision of agricultural inputs and equipment to farmers such as cocoa insecticides and empowering the cocoa mass spraying exercise

2. Training and capacity-building programs for cocoa farmers

3. Cocoa artificial pollination to boost productivity

4. Constant supply of cocoa seeds to farmers through the cocoa nursery program

5. Cocoa rehabilitation program to replace old and diseased prone trees with hybrid ones.

The impact of some of these initiatives, though expected to boost productivity in the long run, we are overwhelmed by the current producer price and we believe this would steer the cocoa sector to achieve the maximum output in the years to come.

We would also like to use this opportunity to advise farmers not to sell their lands or give away their land to miners, as there is hope or more profit to gain in investing in cocoa in the long run.

Farmers should be hopeful that, once NPP government is at the helm of administration, there would always be a fair and good price for the sweat they put into the farming.

Once again, the Communications team for NPP in the Juaboso Constituency extends its heartfelt gratitude to President, Akuffo Addo and Dr Bawumia.


P. Sakpaku (Kojo Mirika Kwarteng)

Comms Officer 


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